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The Magro Food Village

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The Magro Food Village welcomes you to a unique experience in local food-making and crafts all under one roof. It is a one-stop shop for all travelling tastebuds!


This tour is a great learning experience and loads of fun with the possibility of sampling our delicacies just as they are made. At the start of the tour you may view a short documentary, about the connection of the Magro family with the rural community. This video presentation also portrays the beauty and rural experience of Gozo, with magnificent aerial views of the island.


When in season the tomato plant will give you the possibility of viewing the processing of tomatoes - a sight to behold as “rivers” of tomatoes make their way into our great tasting pulp, juice, sauces or kunserva (tomato paste) cans. As this is a seasonal adventure, with the fresh sun-ripened tomatoes being processed within just 24 hours of being picked, one can enjoy this event during the summer months. During the rest of the year the tomato plant may feature other processing events such as ketchup-making for the export market (mostly to European markets) and canning of pulses.


The dairy centre is another interesting area featuring the production of traditional Gozo cheeselets, Pekorin™, fresh ricotta and dairy spreads. Our Gozitan cheeselets are hand-crafted the same way as has been done for generations in small local farms, albeit today we use more hygenic and pasteurisation methods to ensure that our products reach the market in perfect conditions. The Gozitan cheeselets are available fresh or dried, depending on how you enjoy them or for which recipe you would like to use them. During the tour, free sampling of our cheeses is available.


The Magro Food Village tour includes a visit to our artisan food-making facility at Savina’s Creativity Centre. Here you are able to watch our dedicated staff at work in their kitchen. Depending on the season, you will be able to watch the infusion of oils and vinegars, the pressing of sun-dried figs, a range of antipasti and sun-dried tomatoes in oils, succulent fruit jams and pure Gozitan honey and the making of cakes and puddings; all events that will inspire and educate. During this part of the tour you may also sample delicacies and beverages produced in-house - and if you really like them you’ll be able to take some home with you too!


At the Savina Creativity Centre you will also be able to witness traditional crafts such as lace-making, aromatised candle-making with traditional Mediterranean scents and a selection of kitchen equipment as used in the olden days on Gozitan farms and dwellings.


Tours at the Magro Food Village last around an hour and are free of charge - but if you’re having fun you can spend more time discovering our vast range of products. Tour leaders are highly knowledgable on our food production processes so you may ask questions at any point of the tour.


For that extra culinary experience, at The Magro Food Village you may also avail yourselves of an agro-tourism adventure. Hands-on cooking classes with professional chefs will show you what it takes to do your own cheeselets, prepare infused olive oils and vinegars or making delicious jams and chutneys, to mention but a few of our specialised courses. Traditional Gozitan recipe cooking and nutrition lectures are also available at the Magro Village Kitchen. These lectures/classes need to be booked in advance and are available at a fee. 


Cow Milking Competition
• 3 animated milking cows available
• each group will be given a bucket and measuring jug
• timed turns will be given to each group to assess the volume of “milk” captured by each group
• great for team-building and competitiveness
• gift tokens will be given to each participant
• winning group will take home a Hanini hamper of goodies
• subject to pre-booking and against payment


Bullseye Competition
• 3 tomato-related boards available
• each group will be given a specified number of “tomatoes” (balls)
• the aim of the game is to hit as many tomatoes as possible on the boards
• great for team-building and competitiveness
• gift tokens will be given to each participant
• winning group will take home a Mayor hamper of goodies
• subject to pre-booking and against payment


“Head-in-hole” Photography
• 2 boards available
• just poke your heads through the holes and capture a memory
• great for your photo albums and enjoyable day in Gozo!
• free of charge


The Magro Food Village Accessibility...
(Most areas are accessible for wheelchair users)

Entering Savina Outdoor Area – there is a low gradient ramp from road to the entrance Gate - gate width 240cm
Main Entrance Door to Savina Creations Shop - width 140cm
All visitors’ areas in Savina Premises are set on one level
Entrance to Magro Brothers Offices – Ramp and lift available width 120cm
Separate Toilets for Gents & Ladies + an extra Special Needs Toilet in the Savina area
Floor – non slip ceramic tiles
Stainless Steel rails near Sink & Toilet
Nappy Changing facilites also available
Dairy workshop: All areas in the dairy gourmet centre are set on one level.
Tomato plant: The viewing gallery of the tomato plant has limited wheelchair access. It is advisable to contact us for details and confirmation of this part of the tour if required. This part of the tour is not recommended for persons suffering from severe claustrophobia. During the summer months, temperatures in the viewing gallery may be high

Our tours are available at 9.45am, 11.00am and 12.15pm. Choose the best date (Monday - Friday) and best time; email us on visits@magro.com.mt or call on 8007 5533 to book your place! (for large groups special arrangement will be required)




Maximum no of people per group is 45 people.

For further information about your visit, please click this link to download our 'Access Statement'

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The Magro Food Village

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