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1 Tai Chi Gozo

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  Tai Chi 太極拳  10 introductory is the standard Wushu ( Chinese martial art ) form wich composes routine incorporates movements derived from...
English/French classes

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15.00 Eur

CELTA qualified teacher will give private English (all levels) and French (beginners) lessons.

15.00 Eur

3 Let's Drive Gozo

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Let’s Drive Gozo - Driving School We are located on the island of Gozo and offer driving lessons for Learner drivers. We train all our students...
1 Accounts - O Level Tuition
Classes to be held once weekly, learning material to be provided and past examination papers shall be thoroughly covered. the course is also ideal...
1 English Language Courses

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Certified English Teacher, teaching all levels, O Level - A Level - all ages, Individual & Private Groups. English for foreigners Language...
1 Sammy's Motoring School

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Sammy's Motoring School Sannat Doing car lessons on manual and automatic and motorcycles for A1 and A categories. English speaking students...